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Shopping in the Deep Creek Lake Area

Deep Creek Lake offers�visitors�a unique experience, and our shopping is no different! No matter where you go, almost every store and restaurant offers its own special brand of DCL memorabilia. Take home everything from clothing, mugs, stuffed black bears, to locally made food products or produce. Our community is also a hub for antique shopping, with several stores located nearby the lake. Whether it?s handmade soap or a bumper sticker for your car, you?ll find that perfect memento to remember Deep Creek Lake.�

Bear Creek Traders�-��24586 Garrett Highway, McHenry�MD 21541�-�301-387-2380

Cashmere Clothing Co-�1550 Fort Drive, Suite H, McHenry MD 21541�-�240-321-3334

Schoolhouse Earth-�1224 Friendsville Road, Friendsville�MD 21531�-�301-746-8603

Wal-Mart-�13164 Garrett Highway, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-334-8400

Grant's�Mercantile�-�146 Casselman Road, Grantsville�MD 21536�-�301-895-5495

219 Indoor�Flea Market-�17781 Garrett Highway, Suite A, Oakland�MD 21550�-�301-387-6088

Rudy's-�115 South 2nd Street, Oakland�MD 21550�-�301-334-2654

The Book�Mark'et�&�Anitque�Mezzanine�-�111 South 2nd Street, Oakland�MD 21550�-�301-334-8778

Ursus Americanas Trading Post-�119 South 2nd Street, Oakland�MD 21550�-�301-501-5200

Shop N Save Deep Creek Lake��-�24586 Garrett Highway, McHenry�MD 21541�-�301-387-4075

Arrowhead Market-�19746 Garrett Highway, Oakland�MD 21550�-�301-387-4020

Schrock's Country Store-�3356 Underwood Road, Oakland�MD 21550�-�301-334-3170

Shawnee Trading Post-�1085�Pysell�Crosscut Road, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-334-4268

Christmas Chalet�-�19895 Garrett Highway, Oakland MD 21550�-�1-877-387-4646

Tourist Trap�-�19895 Garrett Highway, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-387-7900

High Mountain Sports�-�21327 Garrett Highway, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-387-4199

Outdoor Elements at Wisp Resort�-�296�Marsh Hill�Road, McHenry MD 21541�-�301-859-3159

Simon Pearce�-�265 Glass Drive, Mountain Lake Park MD 21550�-�301-334-5277

Browning's Foodland - Shop N Save Oakland-�406 Weber Road, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-334-4411

Deep Creek Outfitters�-�32 Outfitters Way, McHenry MD 21541�-�301-387-2200

Bill's Outdoor Center�-�20768 Garrett Highway, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-387-3474

Backbone Mountain Sports Shop�-�4768 George Washington Highway, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-334-5814

Sang Run Sports Shop�-�113 Henry Clay Drive, Oakland MD 21550�-�301-387-2207